A description of medeas plan to kill jasons new bride and his two children

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Medea:Looking For Revenge

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Glauce is also conducted to as Creusa. She will kill Jason's new bride and father-in-law by the aid of poisoned gifts. To make her revenge complete, she will kill her children to wound Jason and to protect them from counter-revenge by Creon's allies and friends.

At the opening of the play, Medea and Jason are already the parents of two children during their life together, but their domestic arrangement is about to end. Jason and his father-in-law-to-be, Creon, tell Medea that she and her children must leave the country so that Jason may marry Creon's daughter Glauce in peace.

Medea resolves to kill her own children as well, not because the children have done anything wrong, but because she feels it is the best way to hurt Jason. She calls for Jason once more and, in an elaborate ruse, apologizes to him for overreacting to his decision to marry Glauce. The Chorus pities Medea, but she assures them that twenty-four hours is all she needs to destroy Jason, his new bride, and Creon.

She will use her skill in the arts of poison to destroy them, but their remains the matter of safe haven afterward. Medea and Jason bicker: Medea tells Jason that he should have discussed the plan of a new marriage with her first, but Jason responds that she is too irrational.

He offers to provide money for Medea, as well as send her to the houses of friends; she proudly rejects the offer. With her security certain, Medea tells the Chorus of her plans. She will kill Jason's new bride and father-in-law by the aid of poisoned gifts. To make her revenge complete, she will kill her children to wound Jason and to protect them from counter-revenge by Creon's allies and friends.

A description of medeas plan to kill jasons new bride and his two children
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English Literature Essays: Themes of Revenge in Medea