Action potential and ion channels

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Cardiac action potential

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Neuron action potentials: The creation of a brain signal

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Digitally, action potentials are important to be all-or-none stones, since either they occur somewhat or they do not occur at all. The action potential travels down the axon as voltage-gated ion channels are opened by the spreading depolarization.

In unmyelinated axons, this happens in a continuous fashion because there are voltage-gated channels throughout the membrane. During the hyperpolarization phase of the action potential, when the membrane potential is more negative than the resting membrane potential, what happens to voltage-gated ion channels?

Voltage-gated K+ channels are opened by depolarization. For each phase of the action potential, indicate the ion channels that are responsible for the membrane potential change. Also name the type of change occurring with the membrane potential.

Labels may be used more than once. During the hyperpolarization phase of the action potential, when the membrane potential is more negative than the resting membrane potential, what happens to voltage-gated ion channels?

Voltage-gated K+ channels are opened by depolarization. The cardiac action potential results from the flow of ions through ion channels, which are the membrane-bound proteins that form the structural machinery behind cardiac electrical excitability.

In response to changes in electrical potential across the cell membrane, ion channels open and allow the passive flux of ions into or out of the cell. Action potentials result from the presence in a cell's membrane of special types of voltage-gated ion channels. A voltage-gated ion channel is a cluster of proteins embedded in the membrane that has three key properties.

Action potential and ion channels
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