Cory wells coke and pepsi

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The Coke Machine : New Book Reveals the Dirty Truth Behind Coca-Cola

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Coke profits get health kick in third quarter

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How PepsiCo's CEO exit could lead to a massive change for the company

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View James Cory Wells’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. James Cory has 10 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover James Title: Sr Unit Sales Manager at PepsiCo.

Pepsi wants to take a mulligan on its just-reformulated diet soda: It made the awkward announcement Monday, admitting market researchers had messed up in thinking consumers would go for Diet Pepsi.

Coca-Cola Co's quarterly revenue and profit topped Wall Street expectations on Tuesday, as investments to cater to changing consumer tastes paid off with higher sales of its sugar-free sodas and.

Coke's stock gained cumulatively percent in the period Nooyi was a CEO, compared with the 79 percent Pepsi gained, according to FactSet. The S&P gained percent in the same time period. Splenda is just as bad as aspertame, well not as bad, but bad none the less. The only thing worse than sugar, is any artificial sweetner.

It is bad stuff, we are not meant to consume it.

Cory wells coke and pepsi
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