Culture and suicide antropology

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International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)

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An Anthropology of Suicidology.


Abstract. The academic and professional discipline of suicidology, with its roots in sociology, psychology and psychiatry, represents the ‘collective wisdom’ of our understanding of suicidality and suicide prevention. Other stakeholders in this wider suicide prevention culture include governments, who.

The anthropology of death takes as its task to understand the phrase: ‘All humans die,’ yet in every culture, each dies in their own way (see Death and Dying, Sociology of; Ancestors, Anthropology of).

The Anthropology of Suicide - World Suicide Prevention Day. posted on Sep 10, | by admin in politics, But Falk Blask who has taught suicide in his anthropology classes in Berlin, But the International Association for Suicide Prevention focuses on individual or so-called cultural factors.

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What is the anthropology of suicide? In its broadest sense anthropology is the study of human nature in social and cultural context. As an anthropologist I'm interested in explaining both the universality and the local specificity of features of human sociality, one example of which is the capacity to commit acts of self-harm and self-inflicted.

Rooted in the exploration of other cultures made possible by imperial conquest during the 19th century, anthropology has evolved into a qualitatively-based method for interpreting and understanding all aspects of culture–from food and fashion to family structure and sexuality.

Anthropology Culture and suicide antropology
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An Anthropology of Suicidology | Thinking About Suicide