Domestic and foreign perceptions of american

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The Great Depression and U.S. Foreign Policy

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Postwar Foreign Policy and African-American Civil Rights

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– Previous research is mixed regarding consumer reactions and concerns regarding product brands with foreign‐sounding names. This paper aims to study the perception and purchase intent of foreign‐name brands in a sample of adult US and Chinese consumers.

Domestic and Foreign Perceptions of American Culture The American culture is comprised of many customs that have come from older cultures.

Our history, religions, food and literature all have been inspired by Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan and China, amongst others. cultural studies of the quality perceptions American versus foreign products, over time, to explain the growth of foreign car sales at the expense of domestic car sales in the U.S.

Three recent studies (Rogers National Research, Inc., ; Miaoulis, et al., ; and Powers, ) were reviewed in which American con­. The statistic shows the perception of the impact of foreign influence on the traditional Chinese way of life among Chinese adults as of May During the survey, 66 percent of respondents.

Stephen Bronars, a labor economist at Welch Consulting, explains that foreign-owned companies employ a small (currently less than 5 percent) but growing fraction of the U.S.


Domestic and foreign perceptions of american
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