Event planning and management

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Event management

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Professional On-Site Meeting & Event Management

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We arrange everything from rich sponsorships to promotions, circle contracting, venue selection, and can subscribe a broad range of catering attempts. Welcome to Fonix Events.

Great events are great work of art.

Event Management

We design events to create opportunities that create interactions. Fonix Events is an emerging corporate event management company in Kochi, rapidly growing as a quality player in delivering heart crafted events for clients that were harbingers of change and creative infusion.

Sample Event Planning Checklist

GCG Event Partners is the premier source for professional onsite meeting and event management services throughout the United States. Expert advice on how to stage the perfect event every time "A terrific resource of information for anyone in theevent-planning business." --James Spellos, CMP, President, MeetingU.

Introduction to the meetings industry and profession, and meeting management Site and venue selection, event design and experience, and budgeting basics Event risk management, contracts, negotiations, and marketing.

The process and policies associated with event planning at Columbia University can vary by audience.

Event management

In order to best serve you, please identify if you are a Student or Faculty, Staff or Outside Guest. J&R Events is a premier Event Management Company located in Western India.

Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners

With over 20 years of event management experience, we can provide custom event management and execution services to suit your every event need.

Event planning and management
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