Flow rate and viscosity lab

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Flow & Level Measurement

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The EZ Viscosity Cup Series is a logical and necessary outgrowth of the standardization studies on the Zahn Signature and similar cups for the promotion of this most popular type of viscosity measuring instrument as a national and international standard.

Flow Meter For Petroleum Fluids. Direct reading. Install in any position. degrees rotatable guard/scale. Easier-to-read linear scale. No flow straighteners or special piping required.

Flow Meters

Absolute Viscosity. Absolute viscosity is measured as the resistance to flow when an external and controlled force (pump, pressurized air, etc.) forces oil through a capillary (ASTM D), or a body is forced through the fluid by an external and controlled force such as a spindle driven by a motor.

Mass flow measurement is the basis of most recipe formulations, material balance determinations, and billing and custody transfer operations throughout industries that need to measure flow. Matzain et al. () account for these distributions by describing how, in stratified flow, only the lower part of the wall will be in contact with the oil phase, and the heat transfer rate will be highest at the bottom of the pipe and will decrease upward, resulting in decreasing deposit thickness in a crescent shape.

In the case of wavy stratified flow, the wavy gas–oil interface is.

Flow rate and viscosity lab
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