Greek mythology and eris

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Eris (mythology)

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Eris (mythology)

Probably with his daughter Harmonia, Ares fathered a whole race of warriors: the Amazons. An apple of discord is a reference to the Golden Apple of Discord (Greek: μῆλον τῆς Ἔριδος) which, according to Greek mythology, the goddess Eris (Gr.

Ἔρις, "Strife") tossed in the midst of the feast of the gods at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis as a. Eris was the ancient Greek goddess or personified spirit (daimona) of strife, discord, contention and rivalry.

Apple of Discord

She was often portrayed, more specifically, as the daimona of the strife of war, haunting the battlefield and delighting in human bloodshed. Her Roman name was Discordia. Eros – known as Cupid to the Romans – was the Greek god of sexual attraction, a constant companion of Aphrodite.

Variously depicted as either a beautiful youth or a mischievous nude boy, Eros is most commonly represented with a bow and an unlimited number of arrows which he uses to overpower the reason and incite erotic feelings in any.

Eris was the goddess of Discord in Greek mythology. Eris most famously appears in the build up to the Trojan War, for she threw the Golden Apple which started the dispute between goddesses.

Greek Mythology Link - a collection of myths retold by Carlos Parada, author of Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology.

Greek mythology and eris
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