Industrialization and appalachia

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Strengths and weaknesses. The U.S. economy is marked by resilience, flexibility, and the first decade of the 21st century, the economy was able to withstand a number of costly setbacks.

Appalachia on the eve of industrialization was a land of scattered, loosely integrated, and self-sufficient island communities. Separated from each other by a sea of ridges, mountain communities had developed since their founding as separate social systems living largely unto themselves.

Industrialization has had a huge impact on the American landscape; perhaps nowhere experienced such resounding change as to industrialization, Appalachia subsisted mainly on family farming.

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The history of Irish Immigration to America began with the forced migration through the Irish slave trade during the colonial era. The mass voluntary migration of the Irish was in the 's during the devastation and destruction caused by the Irish Potato Famine.

Industrialization and appalachia
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