Local government tax utilization and mobilization

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It concentrates on work relating to the local tax system in charge of the local government agencies to improve the effectiveness of their expenditure The mobilization of local resources, also guaranties a certain financial autonomy of local government agencies, which enables them to have more stable resources than from.

@MISC{Adedokun_localgovernment, author = {Adenike A. Adedokun and Senior Lecturer}, title = {Local Government Tax Mobilization and Utilization in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects By}, year.


capacity building on tax collection, planning and budget analysis; willingness of UP representatives to collect taxes; clear and precise direction for various local government institutions; eliminating local and regional discrimination in allocating resources; establishing Local.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and Government of Rwanda signed on Monday, December 16,in Kigali, two financing agreements to support skills development in the energy sector and local government revenue mobilization.

The Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA) has provided US $. transform local government finance in the longer-term; and Developing capacity for tax expenditure and wider policy analysis—impressive advances in some countries, but much still to do in others.

This will help set targets for revenue mobilization and utilization as well as expenditure spreading over the entire state economy. tax revenue to GDP ratio plummeted from about 20 percent to 12 percent and non-oil tax from and N1 million each from the 18 local government councils of the state for a period of fifteen years (CRS Reserve.

Local government tax utilization and mobilization
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