Multiculturalism discrimination and canadian human rights

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Discrimination and Canadian Human Rights

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Most Canadians believe that they have resolved the issue of religious freedom—as well as the problems of the injustice of Christian privilege and discrimination based on religion—by redefining the social order according to Canadian models of secularism, multiculturalism, and human rights.

The current legislation pertaining to multiculturalism is The Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act that passed in This current legislation deals with discrimination in race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, physical disability, age, marital status and sexual orientation, among other things.

[64]. Multiculturalism vs. human rights?

Multiculturalism in Canada

This moral (or immoral) hierarchy has shaped public policy on discrimination. Legislation against racism is much tougher than legislation against homophobia.

Multiculturalism can thus sometimes foster a “Balkanization” of the humanitarian agenda, fracturing communities according to their different. Freedom from religious discrimination was also guaranteed in the Canadian Multiculturalism Act (), the Canadian Human Rights Act () along with various provincial human rights codes, the Employment Equity Act (), and the Canada Labour Code (R.S.,c.

Multiculturalism - A position paper by the Acting Race Discrimination Commissioner (2007)

L-2). The Multiculturalism Program supports Canada’s role in its implementation of international conventions that are aligned with the Canadian Multiculturalism Act.

Criticism of multiculturalism

Sep 20,  · In Canada, “every individual has the right to the equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination and that everyone has the freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, opinion, expression, peaceful, assembly and association, and is guaranteed those rights and freedom equally”(Canadian Multiculturalism Act).

Multiculturalism discrimination and canadian human rights
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