Objectives of production management

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Objective of Production Management

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Operations Management and It’s Objectives

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Management by objectives

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Following are the objectives of production planning and control functions: Systematic planning of production activities to achieve the highest efficiency in production of goods/services.

To organize the production facilities like machines, men, etc., to achieve stated production objectives with respect to quantity and quality time and cost. Production Management with its objectives and functions. An Engineering Economics and Management Topic.


Objectives are the foundation of production management without which the production cannot get completed. Production management deals with decision-making related to production processes so that the resulting goods or service is produced according to specification, in the amount and by the schedule demanded and at minimum cost.

Management by objectives (MBO), also known as management by results (MBR), was first popularized by Peter Drucker in his book The Practice of Management.

Management by objectives is the process of defining specific objectives within an organization that management can convey to organization members, then deciding on. Re: objectives and elements of production and operation Management? - May 22nd, After reading these i got an urge to pursue my career in production and operation management, can anyone suggest which are the professional course,i can join to improve my base level and become an.

The objective of the production management is stated as: To produce goods services of right quality and quantity at the predetermined time and pre established cost. The quality of the product is established based upon the customers’ needs.

Customer’s needs are translated in to product.

Objectives of production management
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What are the objectives of production management'