Opium wars and treaties of nanjing

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Treaty of Nanking

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Opium Wars

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Treaty of Nanking

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Unequal treaty

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Treaty of Nanjing

Then France secured concessions on the same terms as the British, in treaties of. The Opium Wars in the midth century were a critical juncture in modern Chinese history. The first Opium War was fought between China and Great Britain from to In the second Opium War, from toa weakened China fought both Great Britain and France.

Opium Wars

Today, the economic, social, and political effects of the Opium Wars can still be palpable. The treaties of Nanking and Tientsin opened many ports in China as the country ventured into foreign trade. The agreements reached between the Western powers and China following the Opium Wars came to be known as the “unequal treaties” because in practice they gave foreigners privileged status and extracted concessions from the Chinese.

It served as an American counterpart to the Anglo-Chinese Treaty of Nanjing that ended the First Opium War in The Opium War and these treaties were emblematic of an era in which Western powers tried to gain unfettered access to Chinese products and markets for European and U.S.

trade. The Opium Wars were two wars in the midth century involving China and the British Empire over the British trade of opium and China's sovereignty. The clashes included the First Opium War (–) and the Second Opium War (–).

Opium wars and treaties of nanjing
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