Record keeping on patient safety and nursing practice

Nursing and Patient Safety

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Nursing and Patient Safety

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Records Management: NHS Code of Practice

Principles of record-keeping The overall principles of record-keeping, whether you are writing by hand or making entries to electronic systems, can be summed up by saying that anything you write or enter must be honest, accurate and non-offensive and must not breach patient confidentiality.

The Information Governance Alliance Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care provides comprehensive detail of best practice in record keeping in relation to information governance, data protection and Caldicott principles.

The guidance states that diaries can be considered part of a patient or client's clinical record. There are principles of record-keeping that we will look at in this section, chief among which is the need to protect patients/clients confidentiality. The RCN has provided some guidance on record keeping called ` Delegating record keeping and countersigning records ’.

Keeping Patients Safe’s 18 recommendations describe actions health care organizations, governmental policymakers, labor organizations, and other leaders in health care and nursing should take to promote patient safety in nurse work not directed principally to individual nurses in clinical practice, the recommendations also can be used by nurses to leverage improvements in.

Issues in nursing documentation and record-keeping practice I n this article, issues surrounding nursing documentation A study by the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) () found that poor standards of documentation were regard to nursing documentation and record keeping.

Firstly, good standards of record keeping are linked with. Principles of record-keeping. The overall principles of record-keeping, whether you are writing by hand or making entries to electronic systems, can be summed up by saying that anything you write or enter must be honest, accurate and non-offensive and must not breach patient you follow these four principles, your contribution to record-keeping will be valuable.

Record keeping on patient safety and nursing practice
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First Steps – Principles of record-keeping