Relational investors and home depot

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Lowe's counters activist pressure with 3 board appointments

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The Home Depot Inc. Case Solution & Analysis

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Last week, in an effort to avoid a proxy battle, Home Depot named to its board David H. Batchelder, a principal and co-founder of Relational Investors. Last month, Home Depot ousted Mr.

Nardelli and replaced him with Mr.

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Blake, a former General Electric Co. executive who signaled he would focus on the company's stores. Find out how activist investment fund Relational Investors forced B/E Aerospace to split up, only to pull out after founder Ralph Whitworth was diagnosed with cancer.

Inthe shareholders upset compensation CEO Robert Nardelli and falling prices of shares Home Depot, relational investors decided to further investigate the situation. As experts in turning around underperforming and undervalued companies, directors relational saw an opportunity for Home Depot, to improve its stock through changes in strategy, corporate governance and capital allocation.

Further, Lowe’s board has the responsible activist David Batchelder, formerly of Relational Investors, who worked closely with former Home Depot CEO Frank Blake, current CEO Craig Menear and Ellison in a hugely successful revival of Home Depot.

The Home Depot, Inc. Harvard Case Study Solution and HBR and HBS Case Analysis Clients Who Bought This Case Solution Also Bought: Relational Investors and Home Depot (B).

Relational investors and home depot
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