Religion and cult

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When Organized Religion Becomes a Cult

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Religion in ancient Rome

No, there are cult religions, fundamentalist religions, and non-fundamentalist religions. And it depends on which kind of cult you’re talking about. There are religious cults and non-religious cults.

All cults share the same methods, but not the same type of ideology. Between a.

Difference between Culture and Religion

Drug cult: Drug cult, group using drugs to achieve religious or spiritual revelation and for ritualistic purposes. Though the idea may be strange to most modern worshippers, drugs have played an important role in the history of religions.

The ceremonial use of wine and incense in contemporary ritual is.

Roman religion

The parents of these converts, as well as the defenders of mainstream religions from whom the young people were defecting, had some hurdles to overcome in their fight against the "cults.". Sep 26,  · The distinction between cult and religion lies squarely in how those leaving or those wanting to leave are treated Diane Benscoter tells her harrowing story of leaving the "Moonie" cult.

The cult leader claims exclusive access to transcendent reality, and dispenses power and grace as he or she sees fit.

It is not theology that distinguishes a cult from a religion; in fact, cults may appear within a religion, for example, the Branch Davidians or Jim Jones'. Question: "What is the best way to evangelize someone who is in a cult or false religion?" Answer: The most important thing we can do for those involved in cults or false religions is pray for them.

We need to pray that God would change their hearts and open their eyes to the truth (2 Corinthians ).

Is Wicca a Dangerous Cult? Facts About the Wiccan Religion Religion and cult
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