Who should conduct workplace investigations what are the pros and cons of using internal versus exte

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5 Reasons to Use an External Resource for an Internal Investigation

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The Pros & Cons on Requiring Reports on Internal Control

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This post examines the pros and cons of internal vs. external safety auditing within your organisation.

How to Resolve Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace

It also discusses what a safety audit is and why your organisation should conduct one. What is a safety audit? A number of different definitions exist about ‘health and safety auditing’. Since employees spend so much time using computers at work and the potential harm from misuse is considerable, most employers will find it necessary to monitor such activities.

A well-crafted computer use policy that clarifies the extent of the monitoring and consequences for violations of the policy is called for. Any policy has to balance these concerns, as well as to specifically address the variety of privacy issues that arise from testing (e.g., medical exams, drug testing), monitoring of employees’ (e.g., computer use, communications, videotaping), searches, investigations, and information gathering and handling (e.g., personnel records, medical information)%(17).

Not surprisingly, the pros and cons of external evaluation are mirror images of the pros and cons of internal evaluation. Pros: Conducted by experts: Evaluators (like myself) did actually go to school to learn how to do this, and do have years of experience.

Conducting Internal Investigations 4 In deciding whether to conduct an internal investigation, a company should take into consideration a number of factors.

What is I-O?

conducting internal corporate investigations, responding to government investigations and enforcement ac- tions, counseling clients on compliance matters, and defending white-collar criminal cases. Ted has had a distinguished and multifaceted career .

Who should conduct workplace investigations what are the pros and cons of using internal versus exte
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